Wednesday, December 19, 2012

This weekend and year end activities- Christmas Camp , Mind Gym, Craft time and more!

This weekend we have two activities lined up on Friday- 21/12/2012 :
1. MIND GYM- is being introduced for the age group of 5-9 years . Classes will be held every Friday from 6-7 P.M . Mind Gym will focus on building the following skills :
  • Vocabulary development
  • Math skill building
  • Logical thinking skills 
  • Creative thinking 
We'll be using a mix of indoor and outdoor activities in the teaching methodology.
This week the main activity of the day is a multiplication game in the garden and a fun deduction based quiz .

2. In Craft time, the children will be making a snowman . A fun story and song is also being planned keeping in mind the spirit of the season.

The Christmas CAMP !!

The Christmas camp is back this year from 24/12/2012 to 29/12/2012 . Timings- 10:30 A.M to 12:30 P.M . The schedule is as follows:
  1. 24/12/2012- Christmas Pageant - a theatre session on the Christmas story .
  2. 25/12/2012-Christmas Carnival- fun, games, carols, presents !
  3. 26/12/2012-Be a VJ!- Anchor your own show and present in to your friends.
  4. 27/12/2012- Green thumb- A gardening workshop for our green thumbed little elves. Take home a sapling and plant your own garden patch.
  5. 28/12/2012-Young  Picasso- A painting workshop to unleash your creativity
  6. 29/12/2012- Lil' Chef- A fireless cooking workshop- theme "Fun Foods of India"
The fee for the camp is Rs 900 for the whole duration of 6 days or Rs 200 per day.

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