Sunday, March 31, 2013

This weekend at BooksnMore

Activities this weekend are:
1. Kandinsky Art Appreciation  Lesson :
Learn about the work of Wassili Kandinsky an abstract painter and make your own project using his style .
On : 5/3/2013 @5 P.M
For : 3-10 year olds

2.Glass Foil Painting :
Make a glass painting using aluminium foil .
On : 5/3/2013 @6 P.M
For : 8-16 year olds

3.RAINBOW FISH - A story on making friends and sharing
Participate in a fun story telling session with movement exercises and a cute little art project on fishes .Learn the values of sharing and making friends.
On : 6/3/2013 @6 P.M
For : 3-8 year olds

A month long program -"Speak Well" is starting on April 6'th . This program aims at building communication skills and achieving overall personality development in 8-12 years ( Level 1) and 13-16 years (Level 2)
This program will be held on weekends only from 4:00-5:30 P.M .

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