Sunday, February 23, 2014

Brunch with Butterflies

30 children and a motley crew of teachers went on a field trip last Saturday!
We were off to Shameerpet to the forest area to study wetland ecology . We were greeted by the forest education officer who gave us an outline of what we'd be seeing there . Then we set out to see some butterflies on a small mound where a lot of flower bearing plants were being grown to attract butterflies. In that mini trek we spotted different types of butterflies-milkweed,brown ,skippers , nymphalids etc .
Anuradha aunty helped us track animals through their feet and droppings- there was a lot of excitement all around when the children spotted some civet dropping( anyone game for the world's most exotic and expensive coffee ?? ) - luckily , no coffee plants were in sight!
Among the flora- dry deciduous vegetation was seen with some mossy cover in the rainy season due to the proximity of water . We saw symbiotic plant relationship and animal-plant relationship in action.
We saw a colony of red ants and how they built their leafy nests using ant wax ! We saw centipedes , a few crustaceans ( due to the proximity of water , again) , herds of deer ( who were fed by the forest keepers due to lack of grass ) and many more smaller creatures
Here are the photos of our field trip : Brunch with Butterflies!

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