Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Camp-Week 5 Review and Photos

The last week of the summer camp went off smoothly and was a very fun filled one with many fun activities as usual :
Day 1
Level 1:
The first session of the day was Word Play with Ms Srilatha Reddy. The children engageg in simple word games including anagrams and word building games .The second session was a craft session on making popsicle stick photo frames with Ms Rajashri. The children made simple 8 stick photo frames in this session

Level 2:
.The first session was a craft session on making popsicle stick photo frames with Ms Rajashri. The children made a base with popsicle sticks and then created a frame in this session.They also decorated the frame with punched out flowers and leaves
The second session was one on Lateral thinking with Ms Srilatha where the children worked on exercising their grey cells on challenging problems.

Day 2
Level 1:
The first session of the day was science toy making where the children made a "Twirly Whirly", a cute little colourful toy that spun with the breeze . They also made a small whistle using just a piece of paper
The second session was on Reading Etiquette with Ms Srilatha where the children learnt about how to read and use a book. They made bookmarks to help them mrk their pages when they are reading a book

Level 2:
The first session on Creative thinking with Ms Srilatha Reddy was an interesting and challenging one for the kids. The second session on science toy making saw them make colouful poppers and also the Twirly Whirly. They also learnt the principles of science behind the toys.

Day 3:
Level 1:
Session 1 on Anger Management with Ms Kavitha  had many interesting games ( using a traffic light for e.g)& activities( including breathing exercises and a scream bag ) to manage anger better . The second session with Ms Indra was on expressing anger and other emotions through art .
Level 2:
Self Expression through art was the theme of the first session with Ms Indra . The second session on anger management with Ms Kavitha Krishnaraj saw the children learning 10 steps to manage their anger and to channelise anger constructively

Day 4:
Level 1:
Pictionary Game was the first session with Ms Bhavana . The children had a lovely time drawing and guessing the various clues . The second session saw them learning to read with expression stories like "The Cat in The hat " ,"The Cat in the Hat comes back" and "Mr Brown can Moo" with Ms Bhavana again

Level 2:
The first session on Goal Setting was a very inspiring and useful one with Ms Kavitha Krishnaraj where the children learnt about constructive behaviours to achieve their goals and also about taking small steps to achieve their goals everyday. The second session on"Realising your Dreams" was to encourage the children to dream big . They were asked to imagine outrageous things and how they would achieve them

DAY 5:
Level 1:
The day started with a fun filled Sambalpuri Folk Dance session with Folk Dancer with Ms Archana Misra. They learnt a few steps of the dance and heard a few folk songs from Sambalpur.
The second session on recycling saw them make flowers out of discarded plastic bottles.

Level 2:
The session on Recycling was conducted by Ms Radha Reddy of "Scorpio Bags" who runs a unique recycling enterprise in the city that offers employment to many underprivileged women. In this interaction with the children she explained about how to reuse and recycle waste . She taught them to make pen stands out of discarded cartons. The second session on Sambalpuri dance with Ms Archana Misra had them learning nine steps of the folk dance .

Day 6:
Level 1:
It was a very fun filled finale to the summer camp with a lighthearted "Summer Cooler "Fashion show where our little ones walked the ramp and posed for pictures in a cool straw hat and sun glasses . They then had to speak a line about summer . Then they played a few party games , had tattoos done, finished up some colouring /creative drawing pages(according to their age) and sang a few songs to bid the summer camp good bye

Level 2:
The seniors had an interactive Crossword session with J Ramesh who sets crosswords for the Hindu under the moniker Sunnet . It was a very interesting session where they learnt about Anagram Indicators, Acrostic clues and HIdden Clues. They also solved a quick crossword in this double session

Please see the link to the photos here

With  this we finish the summer camp for this year. Please do mail me your feedback to or drop in for a cup of tea and conversation at the library to talk about your child( but please call in advance )

Thank you !

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