Sunday, July 6, 2014

Workshops this weekend

The following workshops are happening this weekend at Books n More:

1.Bee Wise Optimise:

Can we learn efficient design from bees and other friends in nature? This and other questions discussed through a blend of concepts in science and management, tailor-made for the curious 10-15 year old. Participants will work in teams to solve real-life problems in four sessions on principles of design, problem solving, decision making, and carbon footprint.

Facilitator: Nikhila Krishnamurthy

Ages :10-15 years

Dates and Time: From July 12'th -August 2'nd .4 Saturdays only.5-6 P.M

Fee :Rs 500 per child ( all 4 sessions . all materials inclusive)


Op Art is a math-themed form of abstract art, which uses repetition of simple forms and colors to create optical effects. In this workshop participants will learn to draw using' 3- D effect to create optical illusion. This is a way to learn to use "Perspective " in Drawing.

Facilitator : Ms Mandakini Rao

Age Group: 5-14 years

Date and Time: 5-6:30 P.M on 11'th July 2014

Fee :Rs 150 per child(participants to bring colours )

Kathak classes schedule has changed. Classes will be held on Fridays and Mondays from 5-6 P.M starting this Friday -11'th July .Kathak students please note.

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