Monday, October 5, 2015

Dasara Camp at Books n More

The Dasara Camp this year will be held from 13'th October to 24'th October .(9 days ) .Details below:

Dasara Camp
Fun Filled Nature theme activities for 4-14 year olds

Juniors Session 1
10:30-11:45 am 4-8 years
Juniors Session 2
11:45 am-1 pm
4-8 years
Seniors Session 1
10:30-11:45 am
9-14 years
Seniors Session 2
11:45 am-1 pm
9-14 years
13'th October Tuesday
Animal Origami
Speak up !- Animal World
Creative thinking Module -1(Nature theme )
Story Creation 1- Animal Stories
14'th October Wednesday
Songs in Nature
Nature Luminary Craft
Story Creation 2- Animal Stories
Creative Thinking Module -2 (Nature theme )
15'th October Thursday
Puppet Stories
Creative Drawing
Nature Luminary Craft
Build your Vocabulary
16'th October
Texture Art with leaves
Landscape Drawing
17'th October Saturday
Au Naturel Cooking Workshop
Stories of the Earth, Sun and the Moon
Story Illustration -1
Au Naturel Cooking Workshop
19'th October Monday
Prakriti - Creative Movement
Poster making- Animal Habitats
Story Illustration -2
Dance of the elements
20'th October Tuesday
Science Toys from Nature
Let's talk - Animal Habitats
Poster Making - Conservation
Science Toys from Nature
23'rd October Friday
Nature Prints
Outdoor creative fun!- Creative thinking module
JAM Session - 1 minute speak up
Debate Time
24'th October Saturday
Paper Craft
Drawing Competition
Drawing Competition
Paper Craft

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