Saturday, March 26, 2016

Upcoming Activities at Books n More

This fun filled story session , easter nest activity and treasure hunt will be conducted by Ms Indra for 2-7 year olds.Learn all about Easter and have a fun time unearthing sweet treasures in the Easter Egg Hunt.
Date and Time
March 26’th.4:30-5:30 P.M
Age Group
2-7 years
Rs 150 per child

Bhagavad Gita Classes
Join Ms Purnima Medunuri ,a Bhagavad Gita teacher to learn  selected Shlokas from the Bhagavad Gita pertaining to students .Age - above 6 years .For children only.It’s a free class.
Date and Time
March 28’th to May 25’th  
Monday and Wednesday
5-6 P.M
Age Group
6 years +
This fun filled story series with Ms Anuradha Vinod for young children between 4-8 years is meant to spark their imagination and build self expression. This 10 day story series features books by very well known children’s authors like Julia Donaldosn , Emily Gravett etc. The stories will be told in an interactive manner using drama , props, activities , treasure hunts etc to bring them to life.

Date and Time
March 30’th to April 9’th(all days except Sundays).5:30-6:30 P.M
Age Group
4-8 years
Rs 1200 for the whole workshop .
Rs 150 per session.

mask kids.jpg

This special two week camp for toddlers has many interesting pretend play , imagination building, creative thinking activities , Science Experiments , group craft projects, value building and  social skills building story sessions and lots more fun!

Date and Time
April 1’st to April 16’th everyday except Sunday
10:30-1 P.M everyday
Age Group
3-6 years
Rs 1800 per child for the whole workshop .Rs 200 per session.


1’st April 2016
Animal Races to flag off the camp!
Puppet Making -Let’s create an elephant
Gajapati Kulapati- Story of a friendly elephant
Roleplay- Being friends and sharing
2’nd April 2016
Storytime Yoga
Fingerpainting Time
Creative thinking craft - Shoebox Diorama
4’th April 2016
Dance Time!
Little Einstein- Let’s build a volcano!
Why does Gopal get angry- A Pratham book story for kids.
Let’s paint our emotions
5’th April 2016
Tiny tot Football
Group Craft Project- Let’s build a tent
Pretend Play - Camping games and stories
Circle storytime
6’th April 2016
Team Relay Race
Art Challenge-Pictionary
Storytime-Eeyore loses his tail
Creative thinking activity- Let’s help!
7’th April 2016
Let’s Dance!
Songs of Kings and Queens
Pretend Play - Kings &Queens
Visualisation Activity - Magic Wand
8’th April 2016
Storytime Yoga
Craft Time- Let’s make a Bird
Group thinking  game -The Early Bird
Visualisation activity- Let our dreams fly high!
9’th April 2016
Fazoletto - A circle game
Art Session- The world is my canvas
Songs- From around the world
Group Game- World Safari
11’th April 2016
It’s Cricket
Craft Time-Mask making  
Bubbles storytime
Pretend Play -Role Reversal game

12’th April 2016

Throw and catch
Fairy stories
Group Craft Project - Let’s build a Fairy Castle
Pretend Play - Fairies have come to play
13’th April 2016
Animal Olympics
Theatrical Storytime - Hare and the Tortoise
Puzzle Time fun!
Craft Time- Bunny Rabbit mask
14’th April 2016
Water Balloon Fun!
Fireless Cooking-Summer Coolers
Pretend Play- Summer Fashion Show
Group Activity-Jenga challenge
15’th April
Kukdokookoo-Song and Dance time
Karadi Rhymes-Songs
Craft Time- Crocodile Castanets
Little Einsteins-Sound makers
16’th April
Dance to my tune!
Storytime- Bruno and Pepper stories on listening to elders and being polite
Group Game-  “That’s polite”
Group Art session- Our Masterpiece

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