Wednesday, March 29, 2017

nov -robotics workshop


Join the team from Etch Bricks in an exciting 5 day robotics programming workshop for 8-16 year olds. Learn how to Program your own robot. Choose from a list of exciting projects , what you want to make, program and take home

Date and  Time
December 26’th to December 30’th
5-7 P.M
8-16 years.
Rs 1700 per person plus actual cost of project chosen

Programming   Projects and their pricing:
1.        Automatic door alarm                Rs. 800
2..       Temperature controlled Fan                 Rs. 800
3.        Digital Lock    Rs. 800
4.       Wireless Home automation           Rs. 800
5..       Solar tracker                   Rs. 800
6..   Automatic rain sensing wiper                 Rs. 800
7.   Digital Dice             Rs. 800
8..   Motion detector lights                 Rs. 1000
9..   Electronic voting Machine                Rs. 800
10..   Gesture controlled Robot                Rs. 1000

The following will be the schedule:

Day – 1:

1.       Installing softwares and getting started
2.       Introduction to programming and the working environment
3.       Typing the first code
4.       Blinking an LED

Day – 2:

1.       Introduction to IF statement
2.       Making a simple flash light
3.       Controlling different things like light, sound and motion through programming
4.       Introduction to light and InfraRed sensor
5.       Making a light seeker vehicle

Day – 3:

1.       Introduction to the final project
2.       Dividing the projects into small parts and implementing them
3.       Making a project implementation plan

Day – 4:

1.       Fine tuning the project
2.       Adding craft material to make it interesting

Day – 5:

1.       Project demonstration
2.       Competition
3.       Prize and certificate distribution

Please note:All materials used in the workshop will be  given home to the participants
Participants must bring their own laptop for this workshop

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