Monday, April 21, 2014

Upcoming workshops: Paper Punch Craft ; Kuchipudi Deepam style folk dance;Paper Quilling Jewellery Making and Fireless Cooking-Salads and Sandwiches

The following four workshops are happening this weekend and beyond:

1. Kuchipudi Deepam Style folk dance

Date : 25/4/2014-16/5/2014 (15 day intensive workshop on weekdays only)
Time:4:30-6:30 P.M
For: Children between 7-16 years
Conducted by : Ms Suman Mehar
Fee:Rs 1500 for full workshop 

Description : Learn Deepam style Kuchipudi folk dance in this performance oriented workshop where the children will be learning one full choreographed folk number over 15 days which is representative of this Folk style

2.Paper Punch Craft session

Date : 25/4/2014.Friday
Time:5-6:30 P.M
For: Children between 4-16 years
Conducted by : Ms Indra Linga 
Fee:Rs 150 (all materials inclusive)

Description : Learn to use decorative punches of different types to make 3-d Floral decoration on handmade paper . This workshop covers punching techniques, embossing , arrangement and design.

3 Paper Quilling Jewellery Making workshop

Date : 26/4/2014 and 27/4/2014 .Saturday and Sunday.
Time:10:30 A.M-12:30 P.M
For: All above 8 years including adults
Conducted by : Ms Veena Jain 
Fee:Rs 500 (all materials inclusive)

Description : Learn to make handmade jewellery by using quilling technique. This involves learning paper quilling as well as handmade jewellery making.

4.Fireless Cooking-Salads and Sandwiches

Date : 26/4/2014 .Saturday 
Time:4 P.M-6 P.M
For: Children between 4-16 years.
Conducted by : Ms Sejal Jain and Ms Veena Jain
Fee:Rs 250 (all materials inclusive)

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