Monday, April 28, 2014

Upcoming workshops this weekend: Mind Gym-Creative Thinking Workshop;Hand Sewing Classes;Science Toy Making Workshop;Block Printing for children

The following activities are happening this week at Books n More:

Workshop: Hand Sewing by Ms Rajashri
Date and Time :From 1/5/2014-23/5/2014.On Thursdays and Fridays only.From 4:30-5:30 P.M
Make simple hand sewing projects every week with Ms Rajashri for 5-16 year olds
On 1'st and 2'nd May 2014 , the children will be learning to tat and hem a handkerchief and learn to make simple stitches of embroidery on it.
The children will have to bring half metre white lawn cloth, white thread and needle, embroidery frame(small),2 or 3 embroidery threads 
Fee:Rs 200 per 2 classes or Rs 800 for the whole workshop.

Workshop:Science Toy Making for 5-16 year olds with Ms Rajashri
Date and Time :From 1/5/2014-24/5/2014.On Thursdays and Saturdays only.From 5:30-7 P.M
Make 2 science toys every class and learn the principles of science behind it. The children will be provided all the materials and can take home the toys they make in class.The children above 12 years will be learning the principles of science behind the toy in greater detail.
On 1'st May the children will be making a "Paper Whistle" and  "A jitterbug" -(Science Concept of Friction and Sound)
On 3'rd May the children will be making a "Howler Growler" and a "Screecher"-(Science Concept- Principles of Sound)
Fee : Rs 150 per class or Rs 1000 for the whole workshop(8 classes)

Workshop:Block Printing for 4-16 year olds.Learn to prepare the paints, blocks and make block printed handmade paper
Date and Time: 2/5/2014 .5:30-7 P.M
Fee: Rs 150 per child(all materials inclusive)

Workshop : Mind Gym-Creative Thinking Workshop with J Ramesh.Engage in group activities and problem solving for building creative thinking skills in this 3 hour workshop.For 9-14 year olds

Date and Time: 4-7 P.M on 3/5/2014
Fee:Rs 300 per child(all materials inclusive)

To register for above activities, call 9885956728 or mail me back.Prior registration is required.

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Parents whose children have participated in last week's activities , please note:

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